Eva Boulos

Assali, conceived in early 2013, was quickly recognized as the brand to watch in contemporary women’s clothing.  The Assali aesthetic combines feminine silhouettes with a structured edge, bringing the classic woman into the present.  Each garment is meticulously designed and produced in the atelier fashion with the modern woman at the heart of the work.  Assali is synonymous with fresh style, high quality and modern lines.  It is worn by the woman who deserves to look good at every occasion and who is ready to shine among a crowd.

Designer and founder, Eva Boulos, was born in Port-au-Prince into a life centered around the arts.  As a child, her parents cultivated her artistic inclinations by taking Eva around the world to see the art, fashion and culture which would one day feed her muse to design.  Eva currently divides her time between NY, DC, Haiti, Miami and Beirut. Assali, named after Eva’s grandmother, seeks to provide luxury fashion at an accessible price en masse.  It’s Eva’s goal to dress every woman so she looks great, feels confident and is ready for the endless possibilities that lay ahead.